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The New Paradigm in Cooperative Robotics

​Based upon Racer3 technology, Amico is the symbol of a new paradigm of “Made in Comau” robotics and represents our concept of a humanoid robot.  This technical and communicative idea underscores the robot’s ability to work in confined spaces with maximum precision, thanks to its advanced flexibility and the clever mix of technology and design. Not only can it be mounted in any position, Amico is able to bend and reach the surrounding work area with ease.

​With a black and metallic gray color scheme characteristic of our new design philosophy, Amico becomes an object of pure technology, style and design, emphasizing Comau’s focus on robotics that are increasingly precise and effective.  

Amico also hints at a horizon in which the cooperation between machines and, increasingly, between man and machine, is not a hypothesis but a real production opportunity marked by complete safely.

A further specificity of the cell is the gripping mechanism. Two grippers are mounted on the arms of the humanoid. These multi-articulated grippers feature 3 fingers and the ability to grasp a wide range of objects, which is perfect for industrial applications. Two fingers of the gripper can change their orientation, enabling Amico to perform a wide variety of grasps. The gripper is also able to recognize the gripping surface and manage the pressure of the grasp through a specific sensor. In addition to ensuring a very precise grip, this allows Amico to understand in real time whether the grasp is optimal or needs to be adjusted.