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The Robo-School Project

For the first time a robot helps students learn math and art

​Robo-Scuola is a project, carried out by Dschola in partnership with CRT Foundation and Comau, for around 3,000 Piedmontese students from 6 to 19 years old and 100 professors. Through May 2017, a total of 38 schools will be involved: 14 primary schools and 24 secondary schools (13 of which already participate in the CRT Foundation’s Diderot project).


This project is an innovative educational initiative, both in terms of the proposed working methods and its objectives. In fact, for the first time, learning at school is helped by an interactive “student-robot” collaboration. Students are not going to study robotics, as is already the case in some schools, but will use the robot as a real teaching tool able to make normal school subjects, like math and art, more interactive and fascinating


The Robo-Scuola project is a concrete example of how advanced technologies can be used to develop a new way of learning, effectively integrating and supporting traditional teaching tools and methodologies. The robot selected to work alongside students in their learning adventure is the new e.DO articulated robot, designed and constructed by Comau (in open-source) to be used for educational purposes.