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New tools for communicating, together.

​Closer Than Ever

Welcome to the new Comau website. is the first concrete example of our desire to improve and enhance the mechanisms that allow our customers to “enter” Comau, with simple and transparent tools that are available at all times.

More beautiful, more rich, more accessible, but most of all, more efficient and transparent. is the most comprehensive and structured gateway to the Comau world. We propose a brief tour to see firsthand this new communication approach in which we feature our current as well as our future customers.

What we do?

We simplify industrial processes and make them more efficient through automation. This principle is a good start to begin exploring the Comau world. Within this site you will find our skills told in their strategic aspects as well as in solutions, products, references, and through the hands of our experts.
Go to: Our Competencies​​

Who we do it for

Automotive is the industry where we got our start, for which we have recognized expertise. But during our forty-year history we have accumulated experience in a huge variety of industrial companies for whom we want to leave enough room to create new opportunities for all of us.
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How we collaborate

You can enter the world of Comau immediately, even if you’re not yet a customer. Try the new Robot product selector; it’s the fastest and most immediate way to get an idea of the wide range of solutions we offer. Our experts are always available to provide additional information and answer your questions.
Go to: The Robot Selector

How we approach higher education

Comau excellence is not only rooted in the world of industrial automation, but also in the field of specialized training. Our Academy is at the core of the Comau offer: training clients and new talents means getting to know each other better and working together toward common goals.
Go to: Comau Academy

How we think

In our way of working, nothing is left to chance: we have principles and values that guide us at every stage – from design to production, and from training to customer care.
Go to: Comau Manifesto is available as your pathway to entering the rich world of industrial automation, Comau-style. There is much more still to discover, but the most effective and complete way to exploit the business opportunities made possible with our automation is to start working together. If this is the automation that you would like, let’s connect: every page offers you the right tools.

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