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Accumulate Pallet Conveyors

The Accumulating Pallet

Conveyor is a configurable machine based on:

  • Simplicity that makes the conveyor composition faster (for standard application)
  • Commonality for carry over. They do not change according to different conveyor lengths. Others, still maintaining the same functions and characteristics, change dimensions.

Moreover, thanks to complete product flexibility, the APC can be:

  • Floor mounted/Overhead
  • Front/Lateral loading
  • Wide pallet range dimensions
  • Wide use of standard units to simplify engineering processes
  • High Positioning accuracy (0.5 mm)

Product Features

  • Conveyor Length: 2 – 12 m (Standard) ; 12 – 100 m (Custom)
  • Conveyor Weight: 100 Kg/m
  • Transport Speed (max.): 10 m/min
  • Payload (max.): 100 Kg/m (specific fixture + part)
  • Pallet width (max.): 1200 mm
  • Motor mounting: Clamped directly onto the driving shaft with anti-rotation bracket
  • Maximum installable power: 0,55 kW
  • Flying roller chain: 1 triple chain with 12,7 mm pitch
  • Pallet position control: by inductive limit switches
  • Pallet stopping accuracy: ± 0,5 mm
  • Height of transport level: 800 - 1050 mm (floor mounted)
  • Conveyor structure: Aluminum
  • Load per stopper (max.): 10 pallets
  • No air needed: ecosustainable
  • Chain oil free

Global product experts guarantee engineering/process support. World-wide distribution with the proper support.