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Technologies and Processes

From Machining Parts to Assembly and Test Components, We Do it All.

Machining – Prismatic or Crankshaft

We believe you should expect more from machining, so we deliver it. With more than 40 years of acquired experience in machining, Comau systems stand out in terms of reliability and long-term accuracy. With our systems, you can cover all the main powertrain processes encompassing transmission housings, and more.

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Assembly – Manual, Semi-Automated, Automated, Parallel

Automotive assembly requirements are increasingly more complex and more diverse. Comau paces this constant evolution with assembly solutions that speak to the latest needs and technologies. The latest assembly evolution from Comau is the new SmartCubeComau manufacturing concept. Featuring the most advanced technologies, from manual to semi-automated or fully automated and from serial to parallel cells, the SmartCubeComau product line offers a range of choices for injecting efficiency into today’s production flows.

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Coating and Additive Manufacturing – PTWA

Plasma Transferred Wire Arc (PTWA) thermal coating allows automakers to harness the full benefits of aluminum engine blocks, which is why Comau integrates the PTWA process directly within its production solutions. PTWA applies a fine mist of molten steel, sprayed at an extremely high speed, to aluminum cylinder bores. The result: cost reductions on engines that are more durable and more fuel-efficient. PTWA can also be applied to remanufactured engines.

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