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Total Efficiency Through All-in-One Assembly Solutions

​Our systems feature modular flexibility and easy convertibility to meet your growing needs.

Assembly – Manual, Semi-Automated, Automated, Parallel

Our Expertise

Engineering: 3D-proposals and Robcad simulation

Cylinder Head Assembly

  • Valve Train
  • Plug and Leak Test
  • Seat and Guide Press
  • Logistics

Engine Assembly

  • Short Block Assembly
  • Long Block Assembly
  • Final Dressing
  • Sub-Assembly Areas

Manual and Automatic (DC-DCT) Transmission

  • Final Assembly
  • Valve Body Assembly
  • Planetary Assembly
  • Pump Assembly
  • Clutch Assembly
  • Gear Assembly
  • Accumulator Assembly
  • RDU

Testing Solutions

  • In-process tests
  • End-of-line tests
  • Cold engine tests

Customer Benefits

  • Integration of serial and parallel processes
  • Great project scalability to align capital investment to market demand
  • Up to 50% of floor space reduction
  • Lean Manufacturing compliant
  • Single point material delivery for highly efficient logistics
  • Improved ergonomics on manual, semi-automated and fully automated solutions