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Asset Management Consultation Services

Comau consulting: A partnership with high-level results

Development and application of models and management strategies combined with creative solutions that set new standards of quality, efficiency and performance of your company’s assets.

Consulting services focused on managing assets and their related performance, and looking at the risks and costs during the asset life cycle. These services include:

  • Support for ISO 55000 certification
  • Developing policies, strategies, targets and asset management plans
  • Drawing up contingency plans
  • Developing management controls and facilitators 
  • Implementing asset management plans
  • Evaluating performance and improvements
  • Carrying out management reviews, applying new managerial methods and techniques

We offer your company a broad view on performance management and cost and risk analysis of your equipment, with the aim of identifying the highest performance, systems integration and solutions focused on improving results related to the use of your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Improved Performance of Your Assets

Asset Lifecycle Management

Model Based on ISO 55000