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Production Support

Support through the management of processes not directly linked to production

Providing full, specialized support and knowledge for the indirect process of your business.

With our Production Support Services, Comau provides greater flexibility for companies, taking on fundamental activities that are not directly linked to production or to their final business

- Facilities Management - Building

- Utility and Environmental Management

  • Electrical systems (electrical power generation and distribution systems)
  • Steam and hot water generators
  • Compressed air generators
  • Water treatment systems
  • Sewage treatment system

Highly Specialized Professionals

Suitable for Industries of All Sizes

Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness for Indirect Processes

​The management services offered by Comau feature a variety of responsibilities that assist customers in the operation of their companies, both in managing the indirect process operations and acting strategically in order to raise productivity and efficiency. The result is a concrete gain in a company’s production cycle.