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Drawing our vision together

Illustrated voices to explain HUMANufacturing.

Drawing our vision together
is a multifaceted project that reveals the nature of Comau's HUMANufacturing as man-made innovation for people who direct company operations around the world.

We decided to let the people who dedicate their passion and competence to the development of Comau's technologies, products and processes explain HUMANufacturing for themselves.Twelve colleagues from around the world told us of their experiences and their approaches to the past, present and future of automation.
The result is an exciting and varied collection of stories that profile our company and define our vision in a totally personal and original way.

To make these accounts more memorable and meaningful, we have added reality and authenticity in the form of illustrations that will stay with us for the whole of 2019 and perhaps longer.

The hand behind the artwork is that of Giordano Poloni, an award-winning, professional illustrator who gives unmistakable style to his creations.
Giordano accompanied us on this virtual journey around Comau's world to listen to our colleagues and to create for each of them an illustration representing a perfect metaphor for technology and commitment.

Drawing our vision together is a surprisingly articulate art project: it has certainly helped us learn more about ourselves and the people who dedicate their lives with so much commitment and enthusiasm to creating a future in which manufacturing is tailored to meet the needs of man.



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