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Life, People & Technologies #InsideComau

A photographic project that accompanies you into Comau’s world, where innovation is born.

#InsideComau is a voyage through images captured within Comau's headquarters to discover the people who work with commitment, professionalism and passion every single day and the places where our most advanced technologies are born.

Through different work areas within the factory and Comau Academy training classrooms, to engineering design and development meetings, we tried to tell you what it means to work in Comau, through faces, gestures and the highlights that represent our everyday life.

There are many stories as part of #InsideComau, which you can follow on our website and social media channels.

#1: MATE


​To realize all of our technologies, Comau employees’ technical competencies and expertise are necessary, from design to assembly and final testing. For example, in the factory of our headquarters in Grugliasco, MATE – the exoskeleton that works like you do - was born. It is the result of calibrated precise steps, attention to detail, and, above all, enthusiasm for a job that gives shape to innovative products every time.

#2: e.DO™


​At the assembly corner of Comau's plant in Grugliasco, component after component, e.DO – the modular, open-source robot - takes shape. For a moment, the very high professional competence of our operators takes on an almost playful procedure: the construction, verification and implementation of a small 6-axis anthropomorphic developed for the educational world.

#3: Training Technologies


​For Comau’s team, the thrill of designing and developing cutting-edge technologies - such as the e.DO modular robot and MATE exoskeleton - always includes the satisfaction of trying and personally testing the products. What better way can there be to optimize a technology than seeing it in action for yourself?

#4: Ready to ship


​​Tested, checked and ready for shipment: in the Grugliasco Comau plant all the robots, equipped to operate in different sectors and applications, are checked manually and visually, one by one, by specialized operators. The last delicate step before sending to client Companies, from Turin to any Country in the world.

#5: AURA


AURA is a large cobot with a very special skin. AURA is able to work effectively and safely alongside people thanks to bodywork fitted with an advanced system of sensors that function just like the human senses. With the aid of conventional robots, Comau engineers install AURA's bodywork, check its functioning and program it to move and interact in the space of the Smart Factory.

#6: Teamwork life


A large multi-national company like Comau is populated by a mix of skills and professions, nationalities, languages and cultures. Our great team is made up of numerous working groups who collaborate every day to achieve shared objectives, with each member making a "unique" contribution to the development and completion of our projects.



​The Smart Factory begins with people. All Comau robotic technology is developed thanks to the constant support of human operators. Agile1500, Comau's 4.0 logistic platform, is no exception. It is assembled, installed and tested by Comau technicians before starting to work alongside them and supporting them in the management and operation of production lines and warehouses that are digitally connected to every unit in the factory.

#8: Robot Assembly


Industrial robots are designed to make factory work easier for people by performing the most tiring, heavy and difficult tasks. But it takes people to design and develop them in the first place and especially to assemble them and put them into service. From the base to the body and the wrist, these mechanical giants are the fruit of human ingenuity.