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Body Assembly

Taking BIW Manufacturing To The Next Level

With products that revolutionize your bodyshop

Manual Welding Guns

A high level of standardisation for a complete welding cell suitable for pilot or production lines.

Line Feeding

​Products family which answer the need to feed the line.

  • LF18 Single Bay Rack

    Simple and safety solution to pick and place the rack.

  • LF15 Lifting Turn Table for Racks

    System developed to optimise floor space and cycle time.

  • AVT: Adjustable Versa Trolley

    Safety rack trolley to avoid forklift by optimising the logistic flow.

Vision Systems

​Innovative products and turnkey solutions for robot guidance, measurement and inspection.

  • Robot Guidance

    Advanced solutions based on visual recognition technology with 3D single camera for deracking and high precision applications.

  • Measurement

    High repeatability measurement for quality control on Gauging, In-line and Gap & Flush applications.

  • Inspection

    Innovative solutions for quality monitoring on joining technologies.