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The simple way of solving manufacturing complexity

The missing link between robot-like flexibility and machine tool precision

The first robotized carbon fiber machine center able to handle lightweight framing and structural components for multiple sectors with a particular focus on automotive, aerospace and electrification.

Drive technology: Linear Motors vs Ball Screws

Linear Motors

  • Outstanding accuracy achieving the best quality
  • Reduced process time
  • High dynamic for fast interpolation processing
  • Long term stable quality with minimum maintenance requirement

Ball Screws

  • Stiffness and accuracy achieving the best quality
  • Reduced process time
  • High level of flexibility and re-usability

Machining centers

Synonymous with reliability, our powerful machine centers are modular, flexible and highly configurable. So whatever the project or manufacturing constraint, we can help you achieve faster launch times while ensuring the highest level of productivity and long-term precision.

With linear motors and electric spindles, our horizontal machining centers ensure high-speed, dynamic performance and long-term stable accuracy with lower maintenance needs. In addition to offering production solutions for the complete machining of components in different sizes and materials, our machining centers work seamlessly with other automation systems, allowing you to quickly ramp up quantities as needed. What's more, all components and their manufacturing steps are completely traceable.

Highly Versatile

industry 4.0 Compatible

Outstanding Dinamics & Accuracy

Crankshaft machining

​Handling complexity is one of the things we do best, which is why we we’ve put over 45 years of experience and evolution—and 23 patents— into our crankshaft systems. We are one of the only leading providers mastering both processes: machining and balancing. Moreover, we can perform multiple crankshaft types or lengths and optional automatic change-over solutions with full flexibility.

Comau added value

  • Versatility: Manual or automatic part loading, with protection.
  • Crankshaft Dedicated Machines: Achieving outstanding results with robust and reliable solutions
  • High productivity
  • Balancing: right the first time

Eco benefits

  • Energy saving mode management
  • Reduced fluids consumption
  • Latest generation components with low energy consumption
  • Compact footprint

Thermal spray coating: technology that’s one step ahead

Our innovative coating solutions enable companies to compensate for the tribological differences introduced with aluminum cylinder blocks while increasing their technical performance and lowering costs.